January 2022

Why and how to start a Video Podcast on Spotify

Expand your creative capabilities with Video Podcasts on Spotify.
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September 2021

Behind the scenes of “Music + Talk: Unlocked”

Get an inside look into the making of the Spotify miniseries, “Music + Talk: Unlocked”
August 2021

7 podcast formats to consider for your show

Learn about different podcast formats, and choose one that fits your strengths and your audience.
July 2021

How to start a podcast in less than an hour

Starting a podcast can sometimes feel a little intimidating. But what if you could get going in less than an hour?
May 2021

The art of the short podcast

Short podcasts are getting more popular. Find out formats to consider and tips to produce your own short podcast.
November 2020

Improve your storytelling with Music + Talk from Spotify

Here's an insider’s guide to mixing up your audio format, with help from our latest feature.
September 2020

How to choose a great podcast name

“What should I call my podcast?” Here are some tips and best practices for picking the perfect show title.
May 2020

5 recording set-ups for your podcast

Find the right microphone and audio equipment to fit your show’s specific needs.
May 2020

How to turn your Instagram Live into a podcast

Repurposing your live videos as an audio podcast takes only a few minutes with Anchor.
April 2020

How to record a great podcast interview remotely

Even when you and your guests are at a distance, it doesn’t have to feel that way.

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